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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Love shouldn't derail you from your goals

If your partners started declining in their life goals
after they met you, it means you are not doing a
good work as a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband.
It means you are a distraction. It means you should
be ejected from their lives.

Love is about making reasonable compromise.
Sometimes, the reason your partner keeps declining
in his or her life goals is because you don't want to
make a compromise. It may also mean selfishness
on your own part.

People who don't affect your life positively shouldn't
be in your life. People who their presence in your
life keeps derailing you from your goals are
hazardous to your life. You will never achieve
anything if you continue to stay with them.

You should be allowed to do that good thing that
gives you joy. You should be allowed to climb
higher in life. You should also be supported. If your
relationship is not doing this, it is not moving
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