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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Man who couldn’t swim sacrificed himself to save drowning 5-year-old boy

- A man identified as Victor Mozqueda, reportedly drowned in a raging river
- According to reports, he jumped into the river to save a boy from drowning
- Further reports reveal that Victor couldn't swim but jumped in regardless
Victor Mozqueda is currently being celebrated as a selfless hero whose kind gesture helped save a 5-year-old boy from drowning. According to reports, Victor could not swim but didn't hesitate to jump into the river to save the boy.
The 22-year-old left his home in Santa Clarita, California on a Saturday morning for a family trip to Sequoia National Park. When the family arrived around 7 a.m, they were eager to walk alongside the river.
However, the area was slippery and that was what led to the boy identified as Vincent Gonzalez, falling into the raging river. Victor was the first to jump in, after which the boys parents jumped in. Sadly, Victor died in the process.
Even as he was slipping under the water, he held up the boy from his neck and pushed him toward his parents before going under one final time.
Bystanders gave the boy CPR and he was flown by helicopter to a hospital, where he was in critical condition and unresponsive for four hours before miraculously waking up.
It took rescuers two hours to find the body of the heroic aspiring musician, whose family is collecting money for funeral costs with a GoFundMe page.
His family says the selfless act was no surprise.
“He loved playing his guitar, singing, soccer and hiking. Victor was a happy person, humble, caring, loving, respectful, laid-back and friendly. He loved going outdoors and being next to nature.”Victor’s sister, Maria Mozqueda said.
“He would always do things for others. That’s just the way he was raised,” Ivan Gonzalez, Victor’s brother-in-law and also the boy’s uncle told CNN.
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