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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Davidi accuses Chioma of accessing his phone

Davido has left alot of people amused after he shared a video on his Snapchat story, revealing what his girlfriend, Chioma did.
On another episode of keeping up with Davido and Chioma, the lovebirds are addressing the popular relationship rules about phone privacy and it is just too cute.
Davido recently posted a video on Snapchat, advising the Apple company on the type of upgrade that should come with the next model of iPhones. According to him, it should have an electric shocker feature.
In the video he is seen saying: "Please they need to make something like a shocker for whenever your babe carries your phone." Chioma's laughter can also be heard in the background which clearly shows the adorable couple were just having a bit of fun.
Well, despite getting a N45m Porsche car as a birthday presence, it doesn't hurt to check if your boo is still your boo and Chioma certainly knows this.
Hopefully, she got the answer she was looking for.
Davido and his beautiful chef girlfriend, Chioma, have continued to to win the hearts of many Nigerians who see them as the idea 'couple goal' what with Davido's continuous display of affection and showers of accolades on Chioma.
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