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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Two Reasons Why Super Eagles Lost To England - Rohr

The Super Eagles were beaten 2-1 by the Three Lions, two weeks before their World Cup opener against Croatia and Rohr has said that they have to step up their preparations.

''The first lesson is that we are not ready yet and we have to work much more in two weeks before our first game,'' Rohr said at his post-match press conference.

''Our first half, perhaps also the preparation was not so good, yesterday we couldn't train because it was raining and the pitch was not good enough to make us train.

''We ran around the pitch and two days before we arrived at 3 in the morning after ten hours flight.

''I think in the beginning of the game the players were not ready. Then in the second half, our changes, a lot of lesson for the players today.''
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