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Monday, 25 June 2018

I am in love with a married man

Hello Mr Caesar, please hide my ID.
Am in love with a married man. It started like this:

I once had this strange dream. In the dream, my brother's friend who is a lawyer was asking me to be his girlfriend. He's married already. I never took the dream that seriously, but soon, he started picking interest in me. He is so much interested in me and keeps asking me to be his girlfriend. The problem is that I am now madly in love with him. I never wanted this to happen, please help me.

My Response:

Thanks my dear for sharing your problem. I will like to start this way, your dream wasn't just ordinary. It was a warning. That relationship is not a relationship that you should exploit. He's married already and still wants to keep his wife with you around as a toy girl. That's selfishness . From my own observation ,you are infatuated with him. This is not love ,you have to beat it. How do you beat infatuation ? There are "few many ways" to do that. One of the most effective ways is time. Time will kill it. Avoid him as much as you can. Stop spending time with him. Cut your communication with him.  Give it more time. Also to help you, Chapter6 of my book titled Therapy of Love treats clearly how to beat infatuation. You can get a copy to help you out.

Thanks for writing.
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