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Friday, 8 June 2018

How Saraki Communicated With Us - Offa Robbery Gang Leader

The leader of the robbery team, Ayodele Akinnibosun has disclosed that his criminal gang took instructions from Saraki through a middle man and other figures close to him for privacy reasons.

He also revealed that he was part of the team which joined Saraki in paying a condolence visit to a traditional ruler, Olofa of Offa over the bloody aftermath of the bank robbery.

"I have a friend, he is a politician too. He is close to the senate president, Senator, Bukola Saraki. His name is Samsudeen Bada. He was the one that called me though we have a political platform but I didn't get to know he (Saraki) was there already; that he was going to pay a condolence visit to the Olofa of Offa.

"The senate president is not just a small person somebody can just say you want to go and see. If he wants to talk with us, he talks with us through his own political aides, his own people around him because he doesn't have anything to do with us because of something like this (their arrest)" he said.

Police Force spokesman, Jimoh Moshood has stated that the criminal case against Saraki will not be swept under the carpet as they have a case that can stand the test of trial. 
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