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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Video shows LIRR commuter launching into racist tirade (EXPLICIT)

A raging white LIRR rider called a black woman on the train a "monkey" and spewed other vile racist comments at her because he felt she was talking too loudly on the commuter line, according to a recent video.
"You're a loudmouth monkey motherf--ker," the man, sporting a crew cut and wearing a blue fleece hood, screamed in hardfisted rage as he pointed his finger at the woman. "I can't listen to your black ass no more."
The man traveling on the 9:35 p.m. train from Penn Station to Long Beach continued to bitterly berate the woman, seated off-camera behind him.
Another black woman gave it back to him, telling him to "shut the f--k up," but never made any racial remarks.
"Oh, you loudmouth b--ch," he told her, to which the woman responded, "Like your mother."
This set him off again, spitting obscenities and racist taunts.
Footage posted to Facebook caught this racist rail rider launching into a hate-filled tirade against a fellow commuter, whom he accused of speaking too loudly on her phone. (Aneesa Janat Rafeek via Facebook)
"Do you know who your mother is?" he said. "You don't know who your mother is because you're a f--king monkey."
Aneesa Janat Rafeek, who posted the video to Facebook last week, said the man stewed in his seat for a while before erupting.
"He started off by mumbling under his breath," she wrote on Facebook. "Then escalated to yelling at her about being a loudmouth b---h. When another young woman, also black, stood up for her, he continued to yell and call them monkeys."
Rafeek, who was seated across the aisle and one seat in front of him, said the woman wasn't talking loudly.
"An African-American woman was behind him speaking on the phone (not loudly in my opinion as I was sitting only diagonally from him and could not hear her)."
A Long Island Rail Road spokesperson condemned the rider's vitriolic rant and said the company was "actively investigating" the matter. (Anthony DelMundo/New York Daily News)
Rafeek said that the man continued, even getting out of his seat to confront the woman.
"What this video does not show — him getting up to get in the young women's face to scream at her more," she wrote. "It was honestly so disgusting to witness."
The man was clearly the aggressor, according to Rafeek, who said he'd also bothered a friend of hers.
"Say what you want in regards to 'both' sides being ignorant and needing to be quiet," she wrote on Facebook. "Have someone start yelling profanities at you for being 'loud' and see how you react."
Administrators at the commuter train service said they were appalled and are looking into the incident.
"This language is offensive, completely inappropriate, and has no place in our society, let alone on the Long Island Rail Road," spokeswoman Nancy Gamerman said. "We are actively investigating this report."
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