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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Trump fuming over North Korea's threat to nix Singapore summit

President Trump is reportedly second-guessing whether he should go through with the Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Members of the White House privately believe President Trump may be too thirsty for North Korean denuclearization.
After publically touting what Trump thought was the administration's success in securing a historic summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, he is now fuming that the June 12 meeting is in jeopardy.
Trump has badgered White House aides on whether he should go through with the talks after the isolated nation threatened last week to pull out, according to a New York Times report Sunday.
Some aides think Kim is aware of how much Trump wants the meeting to happen, the newspaper reported.
Trump fears being humiliated after North Korea's decision to publish a lengthy rebuke against a U.S. plan to trade economic aid for nuclear disarmament, according to The Times.
He reportedly expressed surprise and anger after the North said on Wednesday it would never dismantle its budding nuclear program.
Trump dialed his South Korean counterpart Saturday night to pick apart North Korea's mixed signals, the paper reported, a phone call the White House described as discussing "recent developments in North Korea."
He demanded to know why a statement issued by the North's vice foreign minister contradicted President Moon Jae-in's closed-door assurances that Kim would make concessions to the Trump administration.
The President is slated to meet with Moon Jae-in on Tuesday.
Trump has made no public hint of his feelings on North Korea's threat since Wednesday and has ignored the issue on Twitter.
Meanwhile, South Korean journalists are expected to get a first-hand look at North Korea shuttering the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, which is still happening ahead of the planned summit.
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