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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Stroke Patient Dies In Lagos After Pastor Stopped Him From Taking Injection

A stroke patient who was rushed into a hospital gave up the ghost after the spouse pastor stopped the doctor from Injecting him.
It was posted by the doctor on Twitter @trending_medic.
He Wrote:
Stroke patient came in unconscious , we can’t do anything because the patient’s wife’s Pastor said if Stroke patients take injections they’ll finally die.
Pastor’s number is going through to give us consent. This man doesn’t have One hour to live but we’re helpless. Tick Tock
UPDATE: Patient’s spouse has given me a list of tablets to give him. The Pastor recommended it. I’ve politely pointed out that the patient is unconscious and can’t take any tablets, besides its all multivitamins, aloe vera and stuff and it won’t do much good. Tick Tock
UPDATE : Pastor finally picked his call, said we shouldn’t do anything till he comes. Doubt if he did biology sef in WAEC but he’s the chief consultant now. Other sick patients are legit begging this woman, unreal stuff while I pinch myself at 5mins interval, this is real 
Final Update : Patient has absent pulse, nil breath sounds, absent heart beat, pupils fixed and dilated, resuscitation attempted and failed. Patient’s dead.
Pastor came late which is kind of a relief because they would have said the injections killed the man. Man’s not had breakfast cos of this. Anyways not a single dry eye right here 

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