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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Stripper defends NYPD cops who posed with him in viral photo after Mother's Day performance at senior center

Elias Messiah posed with four cops for a photo after a Mother's Day performance at a Washington Heights senior center.
He came in dressed as a soldier, stripped to a G-string — but still respects the uniform.
The male performer who posed with four smiling female cops at a Washington Heights senior center on Mother's Day says cops shouldn't face discipline for the viral pic.
"They did absolutely nothing wrong," Elias Messiah told the Daily News. "They acted completely professionally."
Messiah was booked to perform at the ARC Senior Center in Washington Heights May 13 by someone associated with the center.
"It was just a surprise for the elderly women who were there," he said, chuckling. "When I came out, everyone there was shocked! They were like, what's going on?"
The strapping fellow emerged dressed as a soldier, along with a second dancer dressed as a sailor, complete with cap. Both stripped down to G-strings to the approving glances of the crowd of older women dressed in their Sunday best.
After his performance, Messiah sat for photos with many of the older women.
"All the old ladies, they had fun," he said.
And then he sat for the picture with the four smiling 33rd Precinct cops — one of whom seemed impressed with Messiah's, er, attributes.
An NYPD recruit took the picture, which went viral after someone posted it on the internet.
Messiah, whose Instagram account is "MessiahNYC," says it was all in good fun.
In fact, the cops — who were there as part of a program that builds ties with the community, including neighborhood coordination officers Amber Guzman and Nathalie Lebron — didn't appear to know he was going to perform.
"The female officers all sat at their table. I didn't go to them," he said. "They watched from afar. When it was done, they wanted to take a picture. That type of thing happens to me all the time."
The photo itself took only a couple of minutes and there was no real conversation, he said.
"It was just smile, take the photo, that was it," he said. "Within five minutes, I got dressed and left."
Messiah estimated he was there for about 45 minutes in all, with most of it taking pictures.
"I took pictures with a whole bunch of grandmothers," he said.
Messiah performs at bachelorette parties and private events around the city. He also works as a model.
It was unclear if the four cops and the recruit will face any discipline. Police officials said Monday it will be handled within the command.
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