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Friday, 4 May 2018

Mom shows no mercy for kidnapper who snatched newborn baby from hospital 20 years ago

Mobley broke down in tears and said she was "still hurting" two decades later.
A woman had no mercy for a kidnapper who walked out of the hospital with her newborn baby in 1998 and told a judge on Thursday she should be sentenced to death.
Shanara Mobley testified at the Duval County Courthouse on Thursday and said she was "still hurting" two decades after Gloria Williams posed as a nurse at a Jacksonville, Fla., hospital and walked out with her daughter Kamiyah Mobley just eight hours after she was born.
Shanara Mobley, mother of Kamiyah Mobley, cries during the sentencing hearing for Gloria Williams, (Will Dickey/The Florida Times-Union via AP)
Williams changed Kamiyah's name to Alexis Manigo and raised the girl as her own, while Shanara tried to grapple with the loss of her daughter, the Florida Times-Union reported.
Eighteen years later, Alexis learned Williams was not her biological mother when she tried to get a driver's license and found she didn't have a valid birth certificate.
It wasn't until a year later that word got out, and investigators confirmed Alexis' DNA before Williams was arrested and charged with kidnapping and interference of custody.
Alexis has defended the 52-year-old, who pleaded guilty and faces up to 22 years for the kidnapping charge.
"My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted," Alexis posted on social media. "My mother is no felon."
Gloria Williams pleaded guilty in the kidnapping of infant Kamiyah Mobley from University Medical Center in 1998 just hours after Kamiyah was born. (Will Dickey/The Florida Times-Union via AP)
During the sentencing hearing on Thursday, Mobley accused Williams of taking advantage of the fact that she was just a teenager at the time her daughter was born.
"She preyed on a child with a baby. We wouldn't be here right now if I was a grown woman. Because I was young she came in and preyed on a child,"Mobley said as she broke down in tears, the Times-Union reported.
Williams is due to testify in court on Friday. It's unclear whether Circuit Judge Marianne Aho will sentence her the same day.
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