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Sunday, 13 May 2018

How To Take The Perfect Vacation Pics

Front cameras have changed the way we document our travels. Now you can readily take photos and videos without having to ask a total stranger to take your picture. You might think it’s easy, but there is a way to taking the perfect vacation selfie. 

Keep these tips in mind shared by Jumia Travel when you are gearing up to Instagram or Snapchat on your next vacation.

Search for the best places to photograph
Spontaneous selfies are fun, but there are going to be a few moments you want to make sure they are absolutely perfect. Look up geotags of the places you’re going to, and take note of specific areas where other people have taken spectacular travel selfies.

Watch your lighting
Move around and make sure you’re facing in a way that will capture both your smiling face and the scenery behind you. Avoid overexposure and awkward silhouettes by experimenting with different angles and making sure you're not standing right in front of a light source.

Shoot horizontally
Skip the vertical shot altogether and shoot landscape on your phone. You’ll have tons of room to capture your scenery or other people.

Do not use selfie sticks
Aside from making you appear like a tourist, they’ve been banned in many museums, historic sites and even entire cities. It’s not worth getting busted for a picture that will still look great without one.

Be careful
It’s tempting to take a selfie on the shelf of Mount Patti in Lokoja, Kogi state. However, make sure the area you’re in is hazard-free. Also, practice “safe selfieing” and you’ll live to tell the tale of your vacation!
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