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Friday, 11 May 2018

Himanshu Roy: Top India policeman kills himself

One of India's most senior police officials has killed himself in the western city of Mumbai, senior officials have confirmed.
Himanshu Roy, 55, who was the head of the anti-terrorism squad in Maharashtra state, shot himself at his home.
Mr Roy had been on a long medical leave as he was suffering from cancer.
He is credited with solving some of India's most sensational cases, including the assassination of a senior journalist by a mob boss.
A former state minister told BBC Marathi that he had met Mr Roy on Thursday, where he had told him that "chemotherapy has its limitations".
His death has caused shock in India, where he was popularly referred to as "super cop".
The loss of Supercop Himanshu Roy is a shock for us. He had an unmatched track record during his Crime Branch and ATS positions as an @IPS_Association officer. May the departed soul Rest in Peace. 🙏🕉️ pic.twitter.com/dmcTSpzP2e
— Dr Kumar Vishvas (@DrKumarVishwas) May 11, 2018
Can’t believe the news about Himanshu Roy. Had heard of his health struggles. But he was such a fighter. V v sad.
— Sreenivasan Jain (@SreenivasanJain) May 11, 2018
Himanshu Roy was the epitome of what a top cop should be like. Even the strongest have their weak moments. Onwards brave son. Rest in Peace.
— Mayuresh Shingore (@mshingore) May 11, 2018
Feel extremely sad to hear about Himanshu Roy's death. He was in the real sense an embodiment of policemen from novels, well built, intimidating, strong persona and a brilliant cop. Also a fellow Xavierite. May he find peace.
— Ashutosh Nagda (@nagdashutosh) May 11, 2018
- bbc 
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