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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Former England player recalls the moment he pooed on himself on the pitch

Former England player, Gary Lineker has revealed an embarrassing moment he had on the pitch at the Italia ’90 World Cup.
The former Tottenham and Leicester marksman spoke in a History Channel documentary of how he pooed on himself right on the pitch in the game against Ireland. According to him, he was desperate to leave the pitch but didn’t want to let his Three Lions team-mates down.
Leaving the pitch will mean the English team will be left with just 10 men in the group game. Before the match, he was battling with troublesome tummy but still decided to go into the game like that. As he stretched for a ball in the second half of the game, he lost control of his bowels.
Lineker said:
“I had a bit of a dickie stomach, I don’t know where it came from.
“I managed to get through the first half despite terrible stomach cramps.
“You know, it’s a World Cup, you cannot say ‘Excuse me, ref, is it alright if I pop off for five minutes?’
“Anyway, the ball went and I kind of go for it but I stumble a little bit.
 “And as I stumbled, I… relaxed.
“I remember Gary Stevens coming up to me and he’s looking over me saying ‘are you alright?’
“And I just remember saying: ‘I’ve s*** myself?’ What do you do?”
The game ended 1-1 with Gary Lineker in the scorer’s sheet.
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