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Friday, 18 May 2018

Does real love die that easily?

You broke up yesterday, they found a new lover today, why are you crying? What sense does it make for you to cry? Why are you wasting those beautiful tears of yours? 

Those who live you today and have another lover today, tomorrow, or just few days after they left you were never in love with you. They might have been playing you. 

If you loved them as best as you can without treating them wrongly, and they left you for another person over a very short space of time, shouldn't you be happy? Why cry? 

Sometimes, you need to be hungry for you to eat. Likewise, fake lovers need to get off your life for you to get a better person that would treat you right. 

While you were with them, how did they treat you? Weren't you treated with contempt? Why cry over such relationships again? 

Be happy, allow them to go, what's at the future is better than what you see in the present. 
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