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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Democracy Day: Abuse of office, persecution of perceived enemies must stop -Saraki

Bukola Saraki

In a series of tweet on his official Twitter page, Saraki said some persons have been behaving like they are above the law and this must not be allowed to thrive.
“I would like us all to remember that Democracy is not just about elections. It also involves the rule of law, following due process, respecting and nurturing institutions. It is also unity of purpose while being accountable when we are in positions ”
“History will not be fair to us if we allow our complacency to jeopardize democracy. We must all be able to speak out with strong voices on issues that constitute a danger to democracy. #DemocracyDay”
“These include abuse of office in a manner that suggests persecution and oppression of perceived enemies, stifling of free expression, undermining of democratic institutions, and impunity on the part of certain individuals who behave as though they are above the
laws of the land.”
He also sought for peace to ensure development in the Country.
“We cannot be celebrating #DemocracyDay without canvassing for caution on some recent negative developments in our polity, particularly as we prepare for next year’s general elections. These are significant challenges we face, but with our current combined efforts, I believe that we will bring greater development to the country.”
Senate President may have been referring to the current face-off between the senate and the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim which has led to lots of drama with the Senate recently meeting with President Buhari over same.
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