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Monday, 14 May 2018

Calif. couple charged with neglecting, torturing their 10 kids

Jonathan Allen, 29, and his wife Ina Rogers, 30, have been charged with neglecting and torturing their 10 kids in their Fairfield, Calif. home. (SOLANO COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE)
A California couple has been charged with neglecting and torturing their 10 children while living in a home covered in trash and feces.
The kids, from 4 months to 12 years old, suffered puncture wounds, burns and bruises after their parents, Jonathan Allen and Ina Rogers, abused them, authorities said Monday.
Police removed the children from their Fairfield home on March 31 after Rogers, 30, reported her oldest child was missing, cops said.
Authorities said they interviewed the kids during their investigation and determined they were being abused.
Rogers was arrested and released after posting bail. She denies that she and Allen, 29, have ever abused the kids.
“I strive on being a good parent to my children,” she told reporters outside her house. “My husband has a lot of tattoos, he looks like a scary individual and that's why people are so quick to judge him.”
“My husband is an amazing person, I am an amazing mother,” she continued. “I’m not going to allow this to break us and I'm not going to stop fighting.”
Rogers is charged with neglect. Allen has pleaded guilty to several counts of torture and felony child abuse.
The mother gave reporters a tour of the house which had dirty walls and piles of animal feces on the floors. She said her house had been torn apart because she was looking for her missing son.
Rogers added that child services visited her home years ago but didn’t say why.
In another child abuse case in California, David and Louise Turpin were charged with torturing their 13 children after their emaciated 17-year old daughter escaped their Perris home in January.
In May, David Turpin was charged with eight counts of perjury for lying on government form about his kids’ schooling.
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