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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Brooklyn barber on run after pushing customer through plate glass window

Ismael Dushan, 33, was pushed through a window by his barber, resulting in his face being severely cut. (Kevin C Downs/For New York Daily News)
Ismael Dushan says his latest barber turned out to be a cut way below.
The belligerent Brooklyn tonsorialist gave the unlucky Dushan a new hair-don't, shoving him through a plate glass windowafter the two argued inside the Levels barber shop in Crown Heights.
"I had my back turned to the guy," Dushan told the Daily News on Saturday. "And the next thing I know, he pushed me, and pushed me straight through the window.
"At that point, I flew through the window and the only thing I could remember was saying 'What the f---?'"
As blood poured from the gashes on Dushan's face, the barber decided to cut and run last Thursday afternoon. The unidentified suspect remains on the loose, cops said Saturday.
The incident took place at Levels barber shop on Nostrand Ave. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on Thursday. (Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News)
The attack left a crooked gash snaking from below Dushan's left ear, across his cheek and onto the bridge of his nose. His left eye is swollen, and it's painful for him to breathe.
It took two doctors to fully stitch up the meandering laceration.
Dushan, 33, said things started out well when he arrived at the shop where he'd stopped once before.
"When I came in, he gave me this grandiose salutation, like we were long-lost friends and I was a regular customer," recalled Dushan, a mental health professional.
EMTs rush Dushan to an ambulance after the incident. (Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News)
It soon became clear that he was dealing with a crazy man. Dushan said things escalated when the barber asked to trim his beard, and the practicing Muslim declined.
The barber "was just really negative," said Dushan, who then informed the man that he would receive no tip.
The next thing Dushan knew, he was crashing through the glass as the barber bolted from the bloody scene. Dushan denied the allegations of two other barbers that he intended to stiff his hair-cutter.
"Not at all," he insisted. "There was no reason why I would not pay him. ... Regardless, if I wasn't going to pay him or not, you don't hit a customer."
Despite the deep cuts in his face, Dushan insisted he had no beef with the fugitive barber's work: "He did an awesome job."
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