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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Amy Schumer interrupts newcomer's set to try out new material

Amy Schumer took the spotlight from a comedian who was on stage at Caroline's on Broadway. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
She feels pretty, but treats other comics like they're petty.
Some comedy fans at Caroline's on Broadway were not amused when "I Feel Pretty" star Amy Schumer interrupted an up-and-coming comic's performance during the legendary club's Best of the Breakout Artists Comedy Series on Tuesday.
"She interrupted the guy on stage and said, 'mind if I do 10 minutes?' " according to a mortified comedy industry insider. "That is so rude and galling. You just don't do that."
Brendan Sagalow, the comic she upstaged, later said on his podcast that he was surprised by Schumer's surprise visit, but didn't mind sharing the spotlight with a star.
"I'm like, 'This is a good thing! This is a great thing!' Everybody thinks I'm friends with Amy!' " he said.
Schumer is scheduled to host "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Neither Caroline or Schumer's reps returned a request for comment.
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