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Friday, 20 April 2018

Woman gets life in prison for plot to shoot up Canadian mall

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath arrives at court in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, March 6, 2015. (DARREN PITTMAN/REUTERS)
A Geneva, Ill. woman who plotted a Valentine's Day shooting rampage at a Canadian mall was sentenced to life in prison on Friday with no chance of parole for nearly a decade.
Lindsay Souvannarath, 26, pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit mass murder at a mall in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2015.
Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski described Souvannarath as an unrepentant threat to society.
He said she expressed no remorse for her plot to senselessly kill people.
Souvannarath declined to address the court prior to her sentencing, according to reports.
Rosinski said an anonymous tip and swift police action thwarted the planned attack on unsuspecting shoppers.
Randall Steven Shepherd leaves court in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, March 6, 2015.  (DARREN PITTMAN/REUTERS)
He said he followed principles that apply to terrorism in issuing the sentence. His aim was to “send a clear message” to would-be murderers, adding that “they will pay a heavy price.”
The judge gave Souvannarath credit for time served in custody, making her eligible for parole in seven years.
Souvannarath had boarded a Nova Scotia-bound plane in Chicago when police received the tip that led to her arrest.
Her co-conspirator, James Gamble, killed himself as police surrounded his Halifax-area home.
Randall Steven Shepherd — a third accomplice — was also arrested at the airport and was sentenced to 10 years in jail for being a “cheerleader” of the plot.
The judge entered new letters into evidence from Souvannarath’s parents and grandparents, who were present in court.
Souvannarath and Gamble were both unemployed and living with their parents when they hatched the plot.
Their online correspondence shows the pair held the Columbine High School killers in high esteem.

They divulged their shared admiration for mass shootings as they conspired to kill as many people as possible at the Halifax Shopping Center food court.

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