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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Pruitt wanted to refashion EPA logo because it resembled pot leaf

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt wanted to refashion the floral EPA logo because he felt it resembled a marijuana leaf. (ANDREW HARNIK/AP)
It was high time for change.
While a string of ethical scandals were still far ahead of him, embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt proposed refashioning the logo of his agency because he felt it resembled a marijuana leaf, according to a report.
Pruitt — who's facing scrutiny over a dizzying number of controversies involving hefty traveling, security and lodging expenses — entered the Environmental Protection Agency with a determination to overhaul the department's mission to protect the environment.
But in addition to reversing Obama-era climate regulations, Pruitt wanted to rework the agency's logo on its so-called challenge coins because he felt it looked like a pot leaf, a source familiar with the matter told The New York Times.
The coins, which serve as souvenirs of sort, feature the EPA's flower-shaped logo featuring ocean, grass and sky.
But Pruitt wasn't fond of the nature-inspired logo, and instead wanted to make the seal about himself, according to sources.
Ronald Slotkin, a career EPA staffer who retired earlier this year, said Pruitt wanted the coins to feature his name around the rim in bold letters along with a logo resembling the presidential seal.
Pruitt found the logo to resemble Cannabis, according to sources. (TAINAR/GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO)
"These coins represent the agency," Slotkin told The Times. "But Pruitt wanted his coin to be bigger than everyone else's and he wanted it in a way that represented him."
Slotkin added that Pruitt wanted to remove "anything" that had "to do with the EPA."
It's unclear what happened to Pruitt's coin plans. EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox told the Daily News that the agency hasn't ordered any since Pruitt took over.
Pruitt wasn't just interested in remodeling commemorative coins, according to Slotkin.
The ex-EPA employee said Pruitt also requested leather-bound notebooks and fountain pens featuring his own name in prominent letters.
The scandal-scarred EPA czar has come under severe scrutiny since it was revealed that he has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on an around-the-clock security detail, rented an impossibly affordable Capitol Hill condo from an oil lobbyist and dished out taxpayer cash on first-class travel.
President Trump has stood by Pruitt despite an avalanche of scandals. (KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS)
Defenders of Pruitt have maintained that his outsized spending is necessary because he faces "unprecedented" death threats.
But Senate Democrats who reviewed a confidential security assessment said Tuesday that they found no evidence to suggest that there had been specific, credible or direct threats against Pruitt or his family.
To make matters worse, the EPA security staffer who wrote the assessment, Mario Caraballo, was fired after the Democrats' account of it became public.
The EPA insisted that the timing of Carballo's axing was coincidental, but the Democratic senators begged to differ, calling the development "deeply troubling."
President Trump has stood by Pruitt despite the avalanche of scandals. Some reports suggest Trump continues to back Pruitt because he's considering installing him as his new attorney general, should he decide to finally fire Jeff Sessions.

-NY News 
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