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Friday, 20 April 2018

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens charged with computer tampering

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was charged with felony tampering for using a charity donor list for his 2016 political campaign. (J.B. FORBES/AP)
Embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted Friday on a felony computer tampering charge for using a charity donor list for his 2016 political campaign.
Greitens raised nearly $2 million for his gubernatorial run after he obtained a list of top donors to The Mission Continues without permission from the St. Louis-based charity he founded in 2007.
Greitens directed a person identified as K.T. to disclose the charity’s donor list to a political fund-raiser on April 22, 2015, knowing that it was taken without permission and used without consent, according to a probable cause statement.
Homepage of the veterans charity "The Mission Continues." Greitens founded the charity to support military veterans as they readjust to civilian life.(MISSIONCONTINUES.ORG/)
Greitens has been facing increasing pressure to resign after an earlier invasion of privacy charge alleged the Republican took and transmitted a photo of a partially nude woman with whom he had an extramarital affair in 2015.
The woman also testified that Greitens restrained, slapped, grabbed, shoved and threatened her during a series of sexual encounters that at times left her crying and afraid.
Greitens has denied committing any crimes and vowed to remain in office, calling the investigations into him a “political witch hunt.”
On Friday, he accused Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a Democrat, of wasting “thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars.”
“Her original case is falling apart — so today, she’s brought a new one,” Greitens said in a statement. “By now, everyone knows what this is: this prosecutor will use any charge she can to smear me.”
His attorney Edward L. Dowd Jr. said the new charge “makes no sense at all,” noting that it was Greitens who built the charity and raised millions of dollars for it through “an extraordinary act of public service.”
“Now he’s being accused of stealing an email list from an organization he built? Give me a break,” Dowd said in a statement. “Not only did he create this list donor by donor, friend by friend, but the Mission Continues still has the list.”
House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty, a Democrat, cited the new charge as additional grounds for lawmakers to try to quickly remove Greitens from office.
“One way or another, Eric Greitens’ short tenure as Missouri governor is about to end. The only person who doesn’t understand that is Eric Greitens,” Beatty said. “Since he will not resign, the House of Representatives must immediately begin impeachment proceedings.”
Republican House Speaker Todd Richardson, who also has called on Greitens to resign, said Thursday that a special House investigatory committee is moving expeditiously toward a recommendation on whether to impeach Greitens.
He said a “substantial” number of House Republicans have already signed a petition calling for a special session to consider impeachment.

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