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Friday, 20 April 2018

Married Woman Brutalized By Hoodlums In Lagos Market

A textile trader, Mrs Bola Badmus is now in a critical condition after she was allegedly brutally assaulted by suspected thugs at the Oke Arin Market, Lagos Island.

The incident happened at about 4.30 pm on Saturday April 14, 2018 along Lawrence Lane inside the market.

The Nation learnt that Badmus, had reprimanded one of the hoodlums identified as Aregbe for his refusal to apologise after colliding with her ware and scattering her clothes on the ground while passing through the market.

Her remarks were said to have upset Aregbe, who took it as an affront and left only to return some minutes later with about eight cane-wielding gang members and mercilessly beat Badmus, causing her injuries on her body and face.

The 38-year-old trader was rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital for treatment, while the case was reported to Ebute Ero Police Station.

It was gathered that the police has yet to apprehend Aregbe and his boys. Instead the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of the station was said to have called Aregbe’s boss called Okoro on his mobile telephone asking him to intervene in the matter, while the culprit was not arrested.

Speaking with The Nation on the telephone on her sickbed, Badmus said she had queried Aregbe for scattering her wares on the floor, only for the man and his boys to brutalise her in full public glare.

“I had displayed my wares at my stall and Aregbe who was passing through the market suddenly collided with my stall and scattered my wares on the floor. He was angry that I queried him for his inappropriate conduct and left only to return with about eight men wielding cane and they mercilessly descended on me , beating me a to pulp.

“Despite the fact that I was bleeding, the hoodlums ignored the intervention of my colleagues in the market and continued to beat me until I almost passed out. I was rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital, where I am currently receiving treatment. It is sad that the police which should protect people from injustice have become indifferent to my plight and made no attempt to arrest those who brutalised me to date.”

Also, in a petition forwarded to the Lagos State Police Command, the victim’s husband, Mr Saheed Badmus appealed to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Imohinmi Edgal to intervene by ordering the arrest of the masterminds of the assault.

The petition entitled “Assault, harm and conduct likely to cause breach of peace” dated April 17, read in part: “Aregbe had a friction with my wife in the market and as a result, her market was scattered on the ground; my wife challenged him (Aregbe) and an argument ensued between the two of them in the presencxe of other people in the market. Aregbe, instead of apologising for what happened left the scene and later came back with a group of boys armed with sticks and other dangerous weapons and attacked my wife, Mrs Bola Badmus. She was seriously beaten, brutalised and injured. After that, Aregbe and his gang left the place because no person dared to challenge them.

“The matter was reported at Ebute Ero Police Station, and she was asked to go to hospital and treat herself. She later made statement regarding the issue but up till this moment, the police has not responded positively because they know the gang leader, Aregbe and his notorious boys.”

Contacted, the spokesman of Lagos State Police Command, Mr Chike Oti said the incident was not reported to the police.

He said: “The DPO of the station said the case was not incident or reported to the station.”
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