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Monday, 9 April 2018

Dog that killed owners might not be euthanized following petition

More than 260,000 supporters are calling for authorities to spare the life of Chico (pictured), the dog that mauled its owners to death in Germany.(CHANGE.ORG)
A Staffordshire terrier that killed his owners in Germany might not be euthanized after hundreds of thousands of supporters called for sparing the dog’s life.
Firefighters rescued the dog, Chico, after breaking into a flat near Hanover Tuesday,
They also found the bodies of 52-year-old Lezime K and her son, 27-year-old, Liridon, the Guardian reported.
An autopsy revealed the family bled to death after Chico mauled them. The dog was supposed to be put down, but a petition online that has garnered more than 260,000 signatures is calling for Chico to live.
“Please let Chico live! Give him a chance!” the petition’s page read in German.
City spokesman Udo Moller told the Guardian authorities were going to admit they failed to remove the dog — which was trained to fight — from the owners before the attack.
“An expert appraisal, had it been carried out, would have led to the owner being banned from keeping this animal,” Moller said.
The spokesman added that authorities are investigating whether Chico would be placed in a facility for dogs with behavioral problems.
The mother kept the dog in a cage to protect her children, according to the Guardian.
In 2011, a social worker arranged for the family to take the dog to a trainer because they couldn’t handle the dog’s “permanent aggression.”
A veterinary inspector was supposed to decide whether Chico could stay with the family, but the mother didn’t present the dog to authorities, which in turn didn’t follow up.

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