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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Chuck McCann, New York comic, dead at 83

Chuck McCann was known in the New York area for his children's shows. (UNKNOWN)
Chuck McCann, the comedian and WPIX children’s show host, died Sunday in Los Angeles.
He was 83.
The Brooklyn-born comic began his career on “The Puppet Hotel,” a Saturday morning show in Newark, in 1959 before moving to WPIX in 1963 to host the daily “Chuck McCann Show.”
The comedian was also revered for his voice acting in later years.(MATTHEW SIMMONS/GETTY IMAGES)
By the end of the decade, McCann was performing regularly on “The Garry Moore Show” and had appeared in the movie “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” but his career moved west to Los Angeles where he became a frequent guest on shows like “The Bob Newhart Show,” “Columbo” and “Little House on the Prairie.”
He also lent his voice to projects including “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh,” “Animaniacs,” “DuckTales” and “The Powerpuff Girls.”
The comic was also a longtime friend of Hugh Hefner and frequented the Playboy Mansion in the ‘80s.
One of McCann’s last projects was a comedy podcast with documentarian Kevin Sean Michaels called “Trump: The Last Family.”
“He was our generation's God of Comedy,” publicist Edward Lozzim, who called himself McCann’s best friend, said in a statement to the Daily News.
“His connections to stars and showbiz range from working with his heroes Oliver & Hardy, Mae West and Cary Grant, to contemporary icons like Hugh Hefner, Howard Stern, George Schlatter, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Stan Lee and Jerry Lewis...he knew everyone.”
RIP Chuck McCann. A lovely presence in the LA comedy scene for a long long time. Good-by Guy
— Joel Hodgson (@JoelGHodgson) April 9, 2018
Chuck McCann's TV show in NYC had an enormous influence on me when I was a kid. He was hilarious and I aspired to be like him. As an adult I was lucky enough to know him and he was the nicest guy ever. To me, Chuck McCann is the very definition of joy. RIP
— Frank Conniff (@FrankConniff) April 9, 2018
Sorry to hear of the passing of Chuck McCann. A very funny man and TV pioneer.
— Ken Levine (@KenLevine) April 9, 2018
Sad news has just reached us that Chuck McCann passed away today. Chuck was a great man and was loved by many fans around the world. May he RIP.
— Laurel and Hardy (@Stan_And_Ollie) April 8, 2018 
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