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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Tricks To Outsmart Pickpockets While on A Trip

When you travel, you meet all kinds of people including pickpockets who are very desperate or determined to do away with your valuables. In fact, these pickpockets are coming up with new ways to steal from you. Obviously, losing your money or valuables during your daily commute is the worst way to start or even end your day.

Jumia Travel shares tricks to outsmart these pickpockets.

Don’t put all your money in one place
Splitting up your money is always a good idea. Hide them in different spots inside your backpack. Even if one spot is discovered, chances are the pickpocket would not think of searching for more.

Carry backpacks with hidden pockets
Hidden pockets inside the lining of the bag is a sure way to dissuade a pickpocket from stealing from you. These pockets work as a great hiding place for concealing passports and money.

Buy in a money belt
Money belts are easy to guard when you are wearing one. Also, they come with many pockets so hiding your money inside is not very difficult.

Stop using purses or handbags
These may be easy to carry, but they are also easier to get into. Purses or handbags are extremely enticing for pickpockets for the valuables they hold - money, credit cards, jewellery and mobile phone! For thieves, it’s a cakewalk to cut or snatch a purse.

Dress like you belong
Even if you are a tourist and are aware of the rampant pickpocketing, dressing like a local will always work in your favour. Dress as unnoticeable as you can because pickpockets will size you up before deciding to make their move.

Personalise and disguise your valuables
Items such as laptops or watches can be easily disguised with stickers. For example, you can wrap your laptop inside a used courier package. That way, a pickpocket will know that the item is not worth stealing as it looks trashy.
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