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Friday, 23 March 2018

There is time for everything

There is time for everything. 

If you can attend all the activities in your church, if you can be one of the most active members in your church, and yet can't be active in your marriage or relationship, it shows you are not serious with your relationship. It shows you are a fake lover. 

People who always give excuse of being too busy for whatever reason and keep being less active with their love lives are actually not serious with their love lives, they don't attach any meaning or any importance to their partner, saying they love you might be only but a formality. This has led to breakdown in different marriages today. 

Anybody who loves you should always want to be around you, should always want to spend time with you, it's an act of commitment that gives satisfaction and happiness to that person; but a situation where you keep having time for other things and never having time for your lover/husband/wife, a situation where you don't have the hunger/urge to spend time with your partner, shows that you have no value for your relationship. The percentage of your 'care or being caring' could be rated at 0%. Whoever that stays with you will keep complaining until you eventually break up with each other. 

There is time for everything.
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