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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Police officers save choking baby in street

Ohio police officers stopped a 2-month-old baby from choking this week in a dramatic rescue caught on video.
Tamica Pruitte said she noticed that little Tyra was having trouble breathing while having her milk as they drove in Shaker Heights on Tuesday.
Fortunately a pair of officers were nearby.
"Thank God for them, because, if it wasn't for them, I'd probably still be out there doing CPR on her," Pruitte told WOIO.
When Pruitte saw that her daughter was struggling, she stopped her vehicle in the middle of the street. Initially, the officers did not know why.
"We were thinking maybe the car broke down and needed a tow truck in route or something like that," Shaker Heights Officer Ryan Sidders told the station. "Then we see the mother exit the car and run to the other side really, really quickly."
A pair of Ohio police officers helped a 2-month-old baby that was choking on Tuesday. (SHAKER HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT)
Officer Alex Oklander told WOIO that Pruitte seemed "frantic" and "didn't really know what to do."
"Save my baby. That's all I was thinking about, save my baby," Pruitte told the station.
The video shows one of the officers gently grabbing the baby and patting her back. During the rescue an officer can be heard saying, "I can hear air moving."
"Officer Oklander never expected that stopping to help a disabled motorist would require a life saving effort," the Shaker Heights Police Department wrote on Facebook as it posted the video of the cops' rescue.
"It could've been my life and her life too today, because I had to stop in the middle of traffic," Pruitte told the station.

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