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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nnamdi Kanu's Lawyer Barrister Ejiofor Speaks After Today's Court Trial

Continuation of the trial of Nnamdi Kanu's codefendants was held today.The Federal government/DSS witness represented as Mr AB was shielded.The witness(shielded mask witness) hired to testify against Bright Chimezie said he met Bright Chimezie in his office and had a conversation with him. According to the masked witness, from his discussion with the accused (Bright Chimezie)  he found out that he is an Indigenous Person Of Biafra and also a Welfare Officer, who took some money from IPOB members in diaspora and was arrested with Radio transmitter.Barrister Ejiofor representing Nnamdi Kanu's codefendants asked the witness some questions.Some of them are below....

Question From Defending Counsel: When was Bright Chimezie arrested?
Witness: I don't know
Question From Defending Counsel: Have you ever travelled to Uyo, where he was arrested?
Witness: No
Question From Defending Counsel: How did you draw a conclusion that, he was arrested with a Radio Transmitter, if you don't know when  and where Bright Chimezie was arrested?
Witness: I don't know

Defence Counsel: Mr A.B did you extend your investigations to the warf officials, who cleared the containers?
Witness: No
Defence Counsel: Do you know the contents of the container?
Witness: I don't know
Defence Counsel: How did you know the container was imported by my client(Bright Chimezie)?
Witness: I was informed by the Team who carried out the investigation, so I wouldn't know.
Defence Counsel: Are you part of the investigation team?
Witness: No
Defence Counsel: Is the transmitter part of the items in the container?
Witness: I am not sure
Defence Counsel: Can you beat your chest and convince this honourable court, that you are a good investigator?
Witness: Yes I am
Defence Counsel: My Lord I am done with cross examination.
The next sitting for the first defendant Mr Bright Chimezie will be on the 28/03/2018 and for continuation on the 25/05/2018.

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