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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Manslaughter charges dropped again in Tim Piazza hazing death

A Pennsylvania judge has again dismissed involuntary manslaughter charges against Penn State fraternity members in connection with the hazing death of pledge Tim Piazza last year.
District Judge Allen Sinclair threw out nearly 300 new or refiled counts on Wednesday, but allowed some alcohol and hazing-related charges to stand after three days of testimony.
Some other charges against the 11 Beta Theta Pi members were also dismissed. Felony charges that would have carried the lengthiest prison sentences were tossed at a previous hearing.
All 11 former members of the now-shuttered chapter face additional charges that were previously allowed to stand. Prosecutors are still reviewing the cases of 15 other frat members charged in Piazza's death.
Tim Piazza died in a hazing-related incident last year.(PATRICK CARNS/PATRICK CARNS)
Piazza consumed a dangerous amount of alcohol and fell several times during a party on Feb. 2, 2017. He later died at a hospital.
It is believed that Piazza drank three or four times the legal limit of alcohol for driving.
Security video played in court on Monday shows fraternity members giving pledges alcohol. Testimony in the preliminary hearing focused on deleted video the FBI recovered, according to PennLive.
The Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Penn State was shut down. (GENE J. PUSKAR/AP)
It was the second preliminary hearing for the defendants after charges that had been dismissed were refiled, and additional charges were added.
Surveillance video showed that Piazza and other pledges were put through a "gauntlet" of drinking stations, after which they continued to drink in the basement. Piazza had to be led upstairs to a couch while a party went on around him.
Fraternity members did not call for help, but strapped a loaded backpack to him to prevent him from turning over and choking on his vomit.
When fraternity members found Piazza unconscious the morning after the party, they waited 40 minutes to call for help, according to authorities.
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