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Monday, 19 March 2018

Cause of death revealed for Jonah Hill’s brother Jordan Feldstein

Jordan Feldstein died in December at the age of 40.(AP)
Jonah Hill's older brother died last December from a blood clot that blocked a lung artery, along with other factors, medical records show.
The cause of death for Jordan Feldstein, who died on Dec. 22, was revealed online by the Los Angeles County's Medical Examiner. The report shows Feldstein suffered from pulmonary thromboembolism, which is a clot that generally begins in a person's leg and blocks an artery in a lung.
The report also listed deep leg vein thrombosis — a blood clot that generally occurs in a person's leg — as a cause of death, while pneumonia and obesity were contributing factors.
Feldstein, a talent manager, was 40 years old when he died in December.
"Unfortunately, last night Jordan called 911 for shortness of breath, when paramedics arrived it was determined he went into full cardiac arrest and passed away shortly thereafter," read a statement from his family to Variety at the time.
Feldstein was the brother of actor Jonah Hill. (ARTHUR MOLA/ARTHUR MOLA/INVISION/AP)
Feldstein served as the manager for the pop and rock band Maroon 5. He was a childhood friend of the group's frontman, Adam Levine, and took the managing job when he was 21.
He also worked with Robin Thicke and Miguel, among others, in his career.

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