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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Austin bombing suspect dead after blowing himself up

The serial bomber behind a wave of deadly explosions in Austin used one of his own devices to blow himself up early Wednesday as a SWAT team closed in on him, cops said.
Mark Anthony Conditt died after police closed in on him outside of Austin, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News reported.
The 23-year-old suspect’s death comes amid three weeks of exploding packages in the Texas capital, which have killed two people and wounded at least four more. 
He had “significant injuries” after the device went off inside his car near a Red Roof Inn outside of Austin, officials said Wednesday morning.
Cops followed the driver after keeping watch over his car for several hours as it sat in a parking lot.
Conditt was identified as the bombing suspect in a string of explosions throughout Austin over the last month.  (FACEBOOK)
He set the bomb off shortly before 3 a.m. local time after he pulled into a ditch near Interstate 35 and the SWAT team approached.
An officer was knocked back by the explosion and suffered minor injuries, police said. Another cop, apparently startled by the blast, opened fire on the suspect.
Austin police Chief Brian Manley, who could be seen smiling after the suspect’s death, said investigators “felt very confident” they had identified a person of interest as early as Tuesday morning.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott later referred to the man as the “mastermind” behind the bombing, but cautioned that he may have had help.
Police continued investigating the scene early Wednesday, as Austin residents were asked to stay vigilant.  (ERIC GAY/AP)
The suspect, who cops said is white, doesn’t appear to have had a job and lived with two roommates about 20 miles north of Austin in Pflugerville, Abbott said on Fox News.
“Those two roommates have been talking to law enforcements,” Abbott said. “I would venture to say those two roommates are not at this time suspects.”
But it’s “hard to say” if the suspect had any help in making the bombs, ATF special agent in charge Fred Milanoski told reporters.
Abbott told Fox News investigators are also trying to determine if the man was making the explosives out of the hotel where they tracked him down.
Cops followed Conditt from a Red Roof Inn where they watched his car for several hours.  (ERIC GAY/AP)
“That would be the possibility, but again we can’t say with specificity whether there was one or multiple locations where he was building the bombs,” the governor said.
A witness helped police identify the vehicle he was driving, Manley said.
The suspect was not immediately identified, other than Manley saying he was “a 24-year-old white male.”
The suspect's death follows the fifth confirmed bomb linked to the plot.
Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, right, said the bomber detonated one of his own devices as a SWAT team closed in. (ERIC GAY/AP)
An explosive device, stashed inside a package, detonated inside a FedEx depot near San Antonio early Tuesday. The package, bound for Austin, was also sent from Austin.
KEYE-TV reports U.S. Marshals collected surveillance footage of a man in disguise dropping off two packages at a FedEx store in south Austin. One of the packages later exploded at the Schertz facility around 1 a.m. Tuesday.
Police warned during a press conference Wednesday morning that more explosive packages could still be in the Austin area.
“We don’t know where the suspect has spent his last 24 hours and therefore we still need to remain vigilant to make sure no other packages or devices have been left in the community,” Manley said.
President Trump applauded the suspect’s death with a partially all-caps tweet.
“AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD," Trump tweeted. "Great job by law enforcement and all concerned," he added. 

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