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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Woman says dad cut her out of will after she saw him in gay tryst

Diana Downing, 54, says her father cut her out of his will — and a hefty piece of his $80 million fortune — because she walked in on him with a male paramour when he was married to their mom and in the closet.(VIA FACEBOOK)
Knowing her’s dad deepest secret cost her dearly when he died.
The daughter of a wealthy Manhattan landlord said her father cut her out of his will — and a hefty piece of his $80 million fortune — because she walked in on him with a male paramour when he wasn’t out of the closet.
Diana Downing, 54, said her relationship with her dad never recovered after she barged in on the rendezvous decades ago.
“While it is challenging to untangle the dynamics of our family, I believe that strains between my father and myself emerged when I was a young teenager,” Downing wrote in an affidavit as part of an attempt to get an inheritance.
Downing accused her father of being “a closeted homosexual with a difficult-to-control temper.”
“I also suspect that I interrupted an encounter between my father and a male lover,” she wrote. “I believe that my father was so embarrassed that he shunned me.”
Downing said her dad, Vincent Downing, never recovered from his discomfort over the incident. She said he skipped her high school graduation and her Yale University commencement.
The two never reconciled before Vincent Downing died at 86 on May 10, 2016, when he was crushed by a car in a pedestrian crosswalk on the Upper East Side. He was survived by Diana and two other children.
NYPD investigate the scene where Vincent Downing was pinned in between a car and a parked truck on May 10, 2016. (ANTHONY DELMUNDO/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
A Yale University-trained lawyer, Vincent became a successful realtor in his later life, amassing apartment buildings throughout Manhattan that pull in $3 million in rental income every 18 months, records show.
Even though she was written out of the will, Diana is fighting her siblings for a piece of her dad’s estate.
She filed a petition earlier this month in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court to halt the distribution of his assets to the beneficiaries of his will.
She said that Vincent, who had a townhouse on the Upper East Side, was really a resident of Paris for the past 20 years.
If she proves the flat in the City of Lights was his true abode, then French law would grant her some of her dad’s money since children can’t be disinherited there. She is also waging a legal battle in France over the same claims.
Diana declined to comment.
Helen Chaitman, a lawyer for Diana’s brother, David Downing, called Diana’s allegations about walking in on her dad as a teen ”totally fabricated” with “no basis in fact.”
An elderly driver allegedly put his car in reverse instead of drive and crushed Downing. (ANTHONY DELMUNDO/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
Another lawyer for David Downing previously said in filings that Vincent disinherited Diana because he was disappointed in her personal life and she had rebuffed her father’s attempts at reconciliation.
The lawyer also noted that Diana pleaded guilty in 2010 to felony charges related to a Medicaid fraud scheme involving her claiming to get free rent in exchange for operating an E. 80th St. building. In reality, she owned the building and the one next door.
The conviction led to her disbarment as an attorney.
David Downing’s lawyers also deny that his father was a resident of France, noting that he voted in New York, filed his taxes in the United States and lived in Manhattan most of the time.
Diana said emails and mail back up her claim that her dad — who had U.S. and Irish citizenship — lived in France. Plus he had most of his medical procedures in France and his family visited him there, she said.
She said in her affidavit that if he didn’t die in the accident in 2016 that she and her father may have made amends. He even reached out to her at one point when he learned she was staying near him in Paris.
“I was cautiously hopeful that my father would overcome the embarrassment that I believe prompted him to shun me in my teen years, and which I suspect haunted him,” she wrote.
“I believe that, shortly before he died, my father was preparing to reconnect with me.”

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