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Friday, 16 February 2018

Millionaire developer convicted again of killing his wife

James Robert "Bob" Ward arrives in court in 2011.(RED HUBER/MCT)
ORLANDO, Fla. - A millionaire developer in Florida has once again been convicted of killing his wife.
The Orlando Sentinel reports that jurors found James "Bob" Ward guilty of manslaughter on Thursday. Prosecutors had argued for second-degree murder, which Ward had previously been convicted of. That conviction and a 30-year sentence were later overturned.
Prosecutors say Ward shot his wife, Diane, in the master bedroom of their Isleworth home after an argument in 2009. Authorities say they were possibly arguing over financial problems or fraud allegations at Ward's real estate business.
Ward's attorneys say Diane Ward became aggressive after taking too much of her anti-depressant and drinking red wine. Ward previously told a reporter that his wife had been holding the gun, and it went off when he tried to get it away from her.

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