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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Zimbabwean prostitute buried with condom...

. as prostitute is buried with condoms
THERE was real life drama in Seke communal lands when sex workers stole the show at the burial of a fellow ‘thigh’ vendor who succumbed to cervical cancer.
Men believed to be the late Plaxedis “Nadia” Mashumba’s sex clients and fellow sex workers mimicked the late ‘thigh’ vendor’s antics as they laid her to rest.
Female and male condoms and tissue paper were also thrown in her grave while some splashed both opaque and clear beer on her coffin.
Some belted into song gyrating to the traditional drums while others wept uncontrollably during the procession.
The self-confessed hookers mimicked the deceased’s antics before her burial and mourners jostled to catch the glimpse of the drama with some taking turns to record videos.
So ‘refreshing’ was the drama as one of Nadia’s close friends in body-hugging dress exposing her asserts and curves stole the show while imbibing a quart of Black Label beer which happened to be the late hooker’s favourite.
And more drama occurred at the homestead as relatives and villagers disassociated themselves with Nadia who had long forgotten her roots.
Taxi driver
It, however, took a taxi driver – Madzibaba Itai Chikosha – who used to give Nadia transport for errands, to intervene and lead burial proceedings after the Harare contingent reached a stalemate with her relatives.
“When we arrived in Seke communal lands, the situation was tense as relatives were not willing to accord her a decent burial.
“We discovered that she had long lost contact with them and she was no longer visiting them as she concentrated on her job as a sex worker before she succumbed to cervical cancer early this week.
“She was well known in all pubs in the capital for being flamboyant, classy and of course looking down upon fellow prostitutes she competed with for clients, especially at City Sports Bar and Holly’s Hotel where she was popular with clients,” said the source.
Nadia’s portrait
Despite being showy and pretending to be a rich, said the source, Nadia was not even looking after her children.
“It’s sad to learn that despite all the money she made as a hooker, she was not looking after her two children.
“She died aged 36 and she is survived by a son and daughter and I hear the daughter stays at an orphanage,” said the source.
Meanwhile, the taxi driver, who happens to be a member of Johanne Masowe YeChishanu, saved the day as he opted to lead proceedings at the burial.
“When I discovered that the situation was tense as relatives were not willing to bury her, I took it upon myself and led the burial.
“I was however disappointed that despite her popularity, she had no decent home in the rural areas where we had difficulties to bury her.
“As a member of Johanne Masowe Yechishanu, I set a good example to prostitutes that I was not only after their money during their errands but was also a prayer warrior and I intervened,” he said.
The taxi driver said Nadia’s fate also came as a lesson to fellow hookers who attended the burial in Seke where they were nearly humiliated by villagers.
“Prostitutes like anyone else need to plan and join medical aid schemes and as well as taking funeral policy since their profession is risky.
“In this profession, anything like death can happen as they deal with people who either sick or violent,” he said.
Madzibaba Chikosha said it was not too late for sex workers to prioritise their health and future by investing in their children.
“Most of these prostitutes have children and it is also advisable that they look after them as well as prioritise their health,” he said.
Besides Madzibaba Chikosha’s intervention, Divine Assignments which was represented by Harpers Mapimhidze also contributed a lot to the burial for the burial of Nadia.
“It’s true the situation was tense before, during and after the burial after we discovered that Nadia needed a lot of help for her burial.
“It took Divine Assignments’ effort for Nadia to be accorded a decent burial as they (Divine Assignment) hired a kombi, purchased a coffin and food.
“There was more drama when we arrived in Seke as villagers were not willing to bury her saying he had abandoned them,” he said.
Mapimhidze said they had to engaged village elders for Nadia to be buried but were not cooperating which prompted the taxi driver to takeover proceedings.
“We finally buried Nadia after a struggle with her relatives. Their homestead was deserted and we had to bury her besides her father’s grave.
“Her death has a come as a lesson to fellow sex workers to seriously consider taking funeral polices or medical aid cover in case they die or fall sick.
“We also learnt that it was noble that we get along with our relatives in the rural areas since we need them when die,” he said.
Coins and bonds notes were also thrown in Nadia’s grave as the coffin was lowered into the grave.


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