Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Caesar, please help my friend out on this.
She is dating this guy that is paying her school fees. She is a student one in of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

This guy once impregnated her, and made her abort it, but that's not the problem now. She went through his phone, and he promised to slap her if she does it again, he almost beat her up because of that. When she went through his phone, she discovered he was having someone else at her back, and even had sex with her. He later admitted it, and said it was a mistake. He even promised to marry her. Please, we are waiting for your advise.

My response:
I don't know how this guy made your friend to believe that he is going to marry her, because I don't think he will. Even if he will, how can she be dreaming of marrying someone like him? I always say this, don't allow a man who isn't a relative or your husband to take a responsibility meant for your father. 

Don't accept so much from a boyfriend to the extent that leaving him will feel so impossible, especially when that boyfriend is a fake lover. This man could cheat on this lady and still be cool with it because he pays her school fees. 

He promised to beat her up because he can, because he sees her as an object that must dance to his tune. Believe me, he is still cheating on her till date. He has no respect for her. 

I don't particularly advise ladies to go through a man's privacy, especially when the man wants to keep it private, but she was suspicious, her suspicion was confirmed when she went through his phone. How can she ever trust him? If he could pay her school fees, he could also keep a baby, but he chosed to abort it. My dear, tell your friend to leave now that she can before he turns into the air she breathes. 

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